Reflex Integration

Neuro Therapies

Our therapies focus on the concept of activation of a sensory or proprioceptive stimulus for a reflex, followed by performance of a motor response to create a more efficient neurological pathway.


ATNR allows for all muscles in the body to become enlongated. When ATNR is not integrated during the day, it contracts the muscles in the body. Let our skilled therapists release the muscles in your body to relieve back and neck pain. After your EMSCULPT NEO® treatment to your abdominal area, ATNR will allow for expansion between the lumbar vertebrate (lower back area) allowing your entire back to become more stable.

Hands Supporting

The hands supporting reflex brings shoulders into alignment and activates the triceps muscles. After your muscle gaining experience with the EMSCULPT NEO®, let our therapists increase the response to your muscles by educating the nervous system.

Sub Occiput

During the first stages of embryology (development of the baby in utero), the subocciput (under the chin and neck), mirror the pelvic floor. By educating and balancing the muscles of the neck region, our therapists are able to treat pelvic dysfunction while you are fully clothed. Stimulating the suck/swallow/breath reflex also allows for sphincter control directly related to incontinence.

Spinal Perez

The spinal perez reflex allows for the correct innervation to the gluteal muscles in order to maintain the muscle achieved wiith the EMSCULPT NEO®, It also allows for neurological contraction of the pelvic floor to aid with incontinence in conjunction with the Emsella®.

Hands Pulling

The hands pulling reflex activates the entire abdomen allowing the neurological system to innervate the muscle growth gained by the EMSCULPT NEO®.