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Experience freedom incontinence. By using electromagnetic waves on your pelvic floor muscles, creating almost 12K contractions (Kegels), strengthening your pelvic floor.

Build 25% more muscle and burn 30% more fat! Our treatment combines RF and HIFEM technology for simultaneous muscle building and fat burning.

Celebrate visible reduction of cellulite and improve your fascia! We use thermal and mechanical energy combine in one treatment to improve skin laxity, promote lymphatic drainage, and break up fat deposits and fibrous bands, leaving skin smooth.

Along with medical grade peels and microneedling services we are your one stop  for all your wellness needs. 

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COR Body EmSculpt Neo Spokane – Before & After
COR Body EmSculpt Neo Spokane – Before & After

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat! Introducing the EmSculpt Neo!


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OBSESSED with COR BODY!!! They offer a variety of body treatments with competitive pricing, that are safe and effective! The staff is AMAZING! If you’re looking to get rid of some cellulite or decrease fat and increase muscle I highly recommend scheduling with COR BODY ASAP!!!

I have done Microneedling before, but this experience was outstanding! Katie used a mask after the treatment that calmed my skin exponentially and began the healing process before my session was even over! I definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to improve the quality of your skin.

I'm in my early 40's with two children, and have been going to COR for Emsella treatments for several weeks. I noticed right away that I can hold more liquid for longer, and have less small "leaks" throughout the day. I have tried other therapies but this one has had the fastest and most noticeable result. Staff is welcoming and makes you feel comfortable right away. I love that I don't have to get undressed or anything, makes it easy to stop in for an appointment after work!

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